What is BudWiz?

That’s a great question. We’re going to do our best to answer that question in the next few paragraphs, but ultimately the only person qualified to do so is you. BudWiz was designed with a couple of very simple tasks in mind.

We wanted to find a way to educate the consumer. This doesn’t just mean reading a bunch of bullet points and clicking on a bunch of lab COAs (Certificate of Analysis) and reading off some relatively arbitrary THC percentages (That’s right we said it… stop focusing just on the numbers, they mean a lot less than you think). We at BW believe that qualitative value beats quantitative value more often than not. If you haven’t had that sack of weed that tests through the roof on THC and tastes like hay, congratulations…and we hope you can avoid that by participating in your BudWiz canna-community. You’ll be able to learn about the core pieces that make up everything in this amazing plant, the good, the bad and the not-so-terpy.

In addition to great information from industry experts and product specialists, you’ll get to hear about what matters straight from your peers. Through qualitative rating and reviews and surveys you can finally reclaim your voice and ultimately help guide the market into providing quality product instead of just what you’re being told you should buy from under-informed sources. We’ve even gamified the process, so the more you learn, engage and help your fellow community the higher your stats go and you can figure out pretty quickly who the real experts are. Not only are you able to rate specific branded products and give your honest opinions, but you get to rate your purchase experience at a local shop too. We all strive to be better, and the stores and brands out there need you a lot more than you need them.

If engaging with your friends, cannafamily, favorite brands and stores isn’t enough Good Samaritan action for you, we’ve got you covered. Something we’re always putting out there is that there’s always more that you can do. If you want to help, you should check out help the movement section and consider joining some of the amazing organizations out there.

Alright, enough about us… let’s learn something about you! Sign up and sign in today.