We will mention this a few times, but try to follow the golden rule of not being a jerk and we think you'll be just fine.

BudWiz (BW) was created to give the cannabis community a way to connect in a more direct and meaningful way without too many distractions of the outside world while allowing privacy and control for those who do not wish to expose themselves on other platforms due to social stigmas. To do so we are trying to provide products and services that we feel will aid in making the industry better. BudWiz will be a continuously evolving platform influenced by the industry and user feedback and we encourage you to be a part of this journey. The things we’re striving for are as follows:


Let you connect and vibe with others

In addition to being a platform to interact with your favorite brands, stores and products, it’s a place to connect with your people. This is a place where we hope to take cannabis use from a social stigma to a social norm, and that starts with you. We use the information at our disposal to make suggestions and better your overall experience. Cannabis use is seldom something you only do by yourself in a dark room; it’s a social phenomenon and has almost as many positive impacts on the world around you as you do.

This isn’t JUST a social platform

BudWiz is here to provide a way for manufacturers to provide direct and valid information about their brands and products, a way for local storefronts to engage their client-base in a more targeted fashion. Most of all it’s a place that puts you in the driver seat. As avid consumers of cannabis, we know you’re tired of having random products from who knows where thrown in your face. Our unique filtering systems, your ratings, reviews and opinions are what will guide not only what works best for you, but guide trends that will affect the market for years to come. 

BudWiz has gone ahead and tried to make this fun and rewarding as well. We have tied a number of things that you can do in the site to point and trophy systems that will reward you for doing what you were already going to do. Add your friends; see what levels they have reached, what achievements they have unlocked and how many products and stores they’ve tried. We will be expanding these options as time comes and look forward to trying it all out with you.


How you are going to access BW

So there are going to be a few different ways you can use the platform. The first available is the website that you can get to by visiting www.budwiz.com. You can get here and use the site from your computer, tablet, or even your phone and the screens will adjust accordingly. Also available will be the Android and iOS native apps on your smartphones or tablets. If something new comes out that’s worth integrating with, you know we’ll take a look! In the meantime, if you have an internet browser, you have BudWiz at your fingertips.


There will be ads

There’s going to be some advertisements on here. We will use our best discretion to make sure they are completely relevant services. Yes, generally we will get paid to show you this content and that’s how we pay to keep the lights on and provide improvements and new things. That being said, when something is a paid ad, we’ll make sure it’s known.

This will be different than certain featured spots, which CANNOT be bought and will be there based on community feedback and ratings to keep your fellow members aware of what’s trending amongst all of you in the know. We believe in the integrity of the consumer.

We are not here to be your parent; we are here to provide a place for you to be an adult

Yes, this is a cannabis community, but it’s still technically a social platform too. That being said, people will troll and try to be jerks- just don’t do it. We’re better than that and as a community that is constantly under scrutiny from the outside world, we have to prove that we’re better. We will investigate reports of people acting in inappropriate or uncool ways. The system will automatically suspend you if you get enough reports from different people, so don’t be a tool. We want this to be fun and educational for everyone and if you can’t play nice with the rest of us, you can go hang out with your mom in the playpen in your backyard. If we get reports of fake accounts, we’re going to check it out.

But as a general rule of thumb, don’t be a jerk and all will be right in the world.

Multiple Accounts
Don’t make them. If you get locked out of your account and still have access to your email, you can get back in. If your account is inactive for over a year, we’ll probably deactivate it (that’s still up in the air) but we don’t want people to target your information while you’re away. There is an exception to the multiple account rule, but just one. If you’re also a verified state-licensed business using the platform for your manufactured brands, or are managing the account for your legal storefront, you can have a personal account as well for you as a consumer.


Platform Usage
Due to regulations and policies, you need to adhere to the following:

More to come, but have fun and again, don’t be a jerk.