Talking with your friends and family about all of the problems with the government, especially surrounding cannabis legalization and the industry at large is great, but TALK IS CHEAP. If you want to be someone who's part of the change instead, we have some things you can actually do that will legitimately make a difference. 

Here are some basic things you can do to help!  

Step 1. Register to vote. (It's really easy and takes less than 2 minutes! Click HERE)

Step 2. Find which state representatives belong to you. (No, this isn't a typo, it's amazing how many people forget that your government reps are supposed to work FOR YOU as constituents. Google is your friend in this case.

Step 3. Copy their phone numbers and emails into your contacts, and make sure you both CALL and send an email. Make sure they know your positions. If not they are free to assume.

Step 4. Consider joining the following organizations (or others in your area) and get involved!
Click to learn more!

NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws)

If you're in Washington State you should especially look into joining and supporting.

The Cannabis Observer

The Cannabis Alliance 

The Washington Sungrowers Association

Note: If you're not really sure about steps 1-3, skip to number 4 for a bit and they'd be more than happy to help guide you through the process.